Martin Amis
The Rachel Papers 

“it ended one mid August morning when I happened to glance down at the undulating area between my stomach and the stomach of a girl I happened to be poking at the time (in a sweaty, hungover state, I might add). What I saw there were worms of dirt – as when a working man, his day done, strides home rubbing his toil-hardened hands together, causing the excess grit to wriggle up into tiny black strings, which he soon brushes impatiently from his palms. Only these were on our stomachs and therefore much bigger: like baby eels.” 
What a paragraph. I’m squirming as I read it. Then I squirm again as I re-read it. Disgusting, dirty, grimy. It makes me want to take a shower. Amis made me see that scene with such clarity that I feel like I’m sat at the end of the bed, their bottom halves covered with a dirty blanket and their top halves out of frame. But smack bang in the middle is their stomachs, rubbing and bouncing together adorned with thick worms of dirt. 
What do you think? Any other scenes that made you squirm? 


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